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The EdTech News Brief

Mar 23, 2023

ChatGPT creator OpenAI has changed the age limit in their terms of service. What did they change it to? Does it change everything for educators? Also, they’ve upgraded the language model ChatGPT is based on to GPT-4 and it’s CRAZY. What can it do? Tune in to find out. In other news, Canva released Canva Docs recently. How does it measure up to Google Docs and Microsoft Word? They also released a new plan for colleges and universities. Also, my friend Joe Merrill stops by the EdTech News Brief studio to share about Microsoft Reading Coach.

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00:00 - INTRO

00:50 - 1. ChatGPT Reduces Age Limit
Terms of use - OpenAI - 

01:49 - 2. Open AI Announces GPT-4
GPT-4 - 
GPT-4 Developer Livestream -
Introducing GPT-4 -
Confirmed: the new Bing runs on OpenAI’s GPT-4 - 

05:14 - Logitech's New Tech
Logitech Pen -
Logitech Crayon -
Rugged Combo -

12:25 - 3. Canva Docs
Canva Docs - Free & Easy Online Document Editor - 

15:48 - 4. Canva for Campus
Introducing Canva for Campus -

17:19 - 5. Microsoft Reading Coach
Learning Accelerators: Tools for Students | Microsoft Education -

20:03 - Dad Joke Time!



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