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The EdTech News Brief

Nov 21, 2022

Adobe is offering a free tool to animate our voices. Canva has added a Remote Control option that eliminates the need to say “next slide.” They’ve also added new slide transitions including one that can help you make awesome stop motion animations. Also, Google Docs is letting us split cells within tables, Quizizz has a bajillion updates, and ISTE and ASCD have announced a merger.


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00:00 - INTRO


01:27 - 1. Updates to Canva Presentations

“Unveiling the Canva Visual Worksuite” -


03:52 - 2. Stop Motion with Canva Presentations

“Unveiling the Canva Visual Worksuite” -




07:45 - 3. Animate Your Voice with Adobe Express

“Animate Your Audio for Free | Adobe Express” -


09:14 - 4. Split Cells in Google Docs Tables

“Split table cells in Google Docs to better organize information” -


10:43 - My Teacher Holiday Gift Picks


11:49 - 5. Quizizz Updates

Edit Homework Tweet - 

“Host a Quiz in Focus Mode – Help Center” -

Share Quizizz Tweet - 

“Power-ups & their Types – Help Center” - 

Quizizz Reactions Tweet - 

Skip Questions Tweet - 


16:46 - 6. ISTE and ASCD merge



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